Ancient Skills for Modern Humans

We believe that learning practical arts, through craft activities brings joy by strengthening  the artistic, academic, social, and neuromotor development. Practical arts bring a balance to the student's concentration by working with ones hands—not only in the physical sense, but also by providing a practical application for intellectual concepts such as mathematics, geometry, and form drawing. In addition, manipulating tools, achieving accuracy, and completing projects helps people to develop their will force. The goal of the Art Shack  is to help people to  become clear, imaginative thinkers who can take on any work with creativity.

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"Children, who learn while they are young to make practical things by hand in an artistic way and for the benefit of others as well as them selves, will not be strangers to life or to other people when they are older. They will be able to form their lives and their relationships in a social and artistic way, so that their lives are enriched."

-Rudolf Steiner

our teachers


Lily Baker

Founder / Teacher


Lupin Tapert

Master metal artist / Teacher